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Titchfield Festival Theatre

TFT is a well respected community theatre company. It is the largest producing theatre in Europe. Producing over 30 shows per annum in house from within it’s 4 venues. It is a not for profit charity and attracts a broad age range to its membership and audience figures. It has a full constitution allowing its members to choose its officers. TFT do not charge a fee to join like other community groups and is solely funded through their own box office receipts and commercial activity.

Current active membership is over 400 with an audience mailing list of over 4000. The company employs professional Directors for its productions and owns its own technical equipment, seating, wardrobe and properties. The company does not rely on sponsorship, grants (either national or local) or donations to ensure it continues its activities. TFT is also the only fully green sustainable theatre in Europe with a carbon negative footprint. Our theatre is truly leading the way in sustainable arts not just in the UK but probably worldwide!