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National Literacy Trust

One person in six has poor literacy skills that impact on every area of their life. A child without good reading, writing and communication skills will struggle to succeed at school, and as an adult they could be locked out of the job market. Poverty doubles the likelihood that, by the age of five, a child’s literacy skills will be below average.

The National Literacy Trust gives children and young people from disadvantaged communities the literacy skills to succeed in life. We work with schools and other education settings, with communities and partners, and directly with children and families. Our research and analysis make us the leading authority on literacy and drive our interventions.

We are a rapidly growing organisation, with ambitious plans and amazing staff. We have more than 25 years’ experience of delivering programmes and campaigns to improve literacy, and work closely with both national and local government. Our funders and partners include well-known brands such as McDonald’s and Amazon, as well as many others. We have around 120 members of staff, and this includes around a third who are based in targeted locations around the country to support delivery of our community activity and programmes. The rest of our team are based in London, but many work flexibly from home and attend the office when their roles require it so there are different faces in the office each day.